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The Three Deaths of Jeyne Reddermach


The city by the sea is no longer safe.

Knights, Necromancers, and Murder

Witnesses are unreliable … but for good reason. Perhaps magic lies at the heart of these deeds and covers the Necromancer’s tracks.

Knights, Witches, and Murder

In a land where the wolf wind and mists roam like ghosts, the conflicted son of a witch was knighted by the king. Knighted to repay a debt to his father.

Knights, Witches, and the Missing

The children of Hillsvale are disappearing.

Over three decades ago the first child was lost and could not be found. Now, in the past year, twenty children have gone missing.

Knights, Witches, and the Vanished City

The ancient city of Valtera has vanished without a trace.

At least that is what outsiders believe. But an unspeakable event and a curse dating back a century still haunts the city and its people. A curse such as this has not been encountered before, and the dwindling population of Valtera has grown desperate.

A Calec of the Woods Mystery Thriller – Box Set #1 – Books 3 & 4

The children of Hillsvale are disappearing.


The ancient city of Valtera has vanished without a trace.

Knights, Witches, and Sacrifice

Mysterious murders are devastating those who reside at a strange monastery in the jungle.

No one has seen a thing. Nor can they find the cause. And some have died right in front of witnesses. There is no murderer. No blade. No poison.

Knights, Witches, and the Undead

Calec voyages to Iniland to deliver an ancient treasure for the people of the woods.

The Neseree houses a crew of questionable characters with dark pasts. But their ship has the best track record for smuggling secretive goods while avoiding pirates who plague the waters as well as the legendary Drowned Ones—sailors who have died at sea and returned from the dead.