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Knights, Witches, and Sacrifice

Mysterious murders are devastating those who reside at a strange monastery in the jungle.

No one has seen a thing. Nor can they find the cause. And some have died right in front of witnesses. There is no murderer. No blade. No poison.

The Horseman has summoned his darkest and most secretive magic into Calec’s world. Victims are first cut in warning, but there is nothing they can do to prevent their impending deaths. They cannot run. They cannot fight what is not there. And all their prayers and strongest runes cannot curtail the attacks.

“… a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and fantasy.”
– Dan Patterson, author

Meanwhile, Calec of the Woods awaits the birth of his child with Serileen but is summoned to assist the stricken people. And the Necromancer’s dark prophecy claims that his child will not be strong enough to survive.

When Calec enters the jungle, nothing is as it seems. The suspects become victims and Calec finds himself a target. Strange markings and ancient temples rich in history and a cursed blade are brought to light. As well as the mythical mountain dragon of old. Calec must learn how to confront the growing powers of the Horseman while protecting his family, or they will all lose their souls to the depths of the sky sea.