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From R.M. Schultz:

After reading Tolkien, R.M. Schultz wrote his first 100,000-word fantasy novel as a freshman in high school. He has continued reading and writing across genres for over two decades but always include heavy fantasy elements even when writing science fiction. He founded and heads the North Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Group and has published over a dozen novels.

R.M.’s books have won multiple awards, including bronze and gold medals for fantasy. His latest series is being adapted into a video game! The game is slated to be released in the fall to winter of 2024. He has written and performed several songs—calling them dragon shanties—for the world that will be included with the music played for the game.

And more than anything, he wants to be knighted by George R.R. Martin.

From the author: I love epic fantasy the most as a genre. And although I love parts of every fantasy I read, I find some to be too slow while the characters are traveling about a huge world and/or having random encounters or repetitive fighting with monsters that have no concern with the main plot of the story.

So, I began writing in an attempt to combine the wonder and depth of fantasy and science fiction worlds with a pacing close to the realm of a thriller, instead of the meandering pace of some epic fantasies.

“This book is unlike anything I’ve read before!”

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“I didn’t think I’d read this good a book after Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. But WOW. Worth the time. A bit scary but hella fun.”

Amazon 5-star review

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Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Dragons and Mythical Creatures

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Forged in blood. Fallen in death.

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The shining city burns.

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