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From R.M. Schultz:

After reading Tolkien, I wrote my first 100,000-word fantasy novel as a freshman in high school. I have continued reading and writing across genres for over two decades but always include heavy fantasy elements even when writing science fiction. I founded and head the North Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Group and have published over a dozen novels.

I love epic fantasy the most as a genre. And although I love parts of every fantasy I read, I find some to be too slow while the characters are traveling about a huge world and/or having random encounters or fighting with monsters that have no concern with the main plot of the story.

So, I began writing in an attempt to combine the wonder and depth of fantasy and science fiction worlds with a pacing close to the realm of a thriller, instead of the meandering pace of some epic fantasies.

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“I didn’t think I’d read this good a book after Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. But WOW. Worth the time. A bit scary but hella fun.”

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Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Dragons and Mythical Creatures

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Forged in blood. Fallen in death.

Dragons swarm the skies.

The Dragon Queen rides.

The shining city burns.

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