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Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

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BRONZE MEDAL winner for all epic fantasy 2022! – Readers’ Favorite books awards.

Calec, the knighted son of a sage and a witch, must discover the cause of mysterious murders before the kingdom and everything he loves is lost.

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Fantasy. Magic. Thriller. Mystery.

With tens of thousands of raving readers wishing to share the experience of original twists and intrigue, of deep characters and a fantasy world, the second book of the series is now being given away. For Free!

“Characters as deep and layered as any epic fantasy. Pacing and plot as quick as a thriller. Perfect combination.”

Dan Patterson, author

If you are a fan of fantasy worlds, knights, and magic with high stakes, intrigue, and deception, you will probably love these books.

If you are a fan of slower paced epic fantasy wherein characters travel about for hundreds of pages and meet random monsters to fight, you will probably hate them.

Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Knights, Witches, and Murder

In a land where the wolf wind and mists roam like ghosts, the conflicted son of a witch was knighted by the king. Knighted to repay a debt to his father.

Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Knights, Necromancers, and Murder

Witnesses are unreliable … but for good reason. Perhaps magic lies at the heart of these deeds and covers the Necromancer’s tracks.

Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Knights, Witches, and the Missing

The children of Hillsvale are disappearing.

Over three decades ago the first child was lost and could not be found.

The Calec of the Woods Fantasy and Mystery Thrillers can be enjoyed in any order.

Each book is an original mystery idea.

And with numerous magically oriented plots in the works, new titles will be coming out every few months.

Check back soon.

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Explore the Full Collection of R.M. Schultz’s books

With several series ranging from Science Fantasy to a best-selling and insanely high-rated fantasy afterlife world, as well as a historical fantasy based in ancient Egypt, there is something for every fantasy fan.

Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Your Free Book is Waiting … (for a limited time)

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