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A Calec of the Woods Mystery Thriller – Box Set #2 – Books 5, 6, & 7

BOOKS 5, 6, & 7 of the Calec of the Woods Mystery Thriller Series:

An outpost at the edge of the kingdom. People who harbor a dark secret dating back to their origins.

Menataun’s people are being killed by unexplained wild animal attacks as well as by a shambler—one of their own who has become a creature of the night.

Calec and Serileen are drawn to Menataun, attempting to track down the hunter—a suspect in Serileen’s mother’s death. But they find even darker magic already at work, something carried in the blood of these people.

“… a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and fantasy.”
– Dan Patterson, author

With their ancient remedy unavailable, the number of afflicted in the outpost grow larger than anyone could have guessed. And Calec must uncover a killer who is both man and monster while the outpost begins to unravel and destroy itself.

But the histories have been burned and the past forgotten. There are no answers.

Calec becomes the hunted, and he will bleed.