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Knights, Witches, and the Undead

Calec voyages to Iniland to deliver an ancient treasure for the people of the woods.

The Neseree houses a crew of questionable characters with dark pasts. But their ship has the best track record for smuggling secretive goods while avoiding pirates who plague the waters as well as the legendary Drowned Ones—sailors who have died at sea and returned from the dead.

Then the passengers and crew of the Neseree begin to die. One by one. They appear to drown without ever leaving the confines of the ship.

“… a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and fantasy.”
– Dan Patterson, author

Calec and Serileen are targeted as the next victims as legends and myths about the Drowned Ones resurface. And black flag pirates—those who in a past age were captained by Ironleg the Feared—emerge on the horizon and begin pursuit.

Calec realizes this voyage was a gambit from the beginning. The pirates or Drowned Ones must have initiated a scheme and placed Calec at the heart of it. Now Calec’s and Serileen’s lives hang in the balance as the terrors of the sea hunt them and wish to turn them into one of their own.