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Knights, Necromancers, and Murder

Murders are occurring in a fantastical city by the sea.

For over a year these events have plagued Red Pike’s Landing. And no one has been able to find the killer who takes all the fingernails of their victims and tucks them into bed.

Witnesses are unreliable … but for good reason. Perhaps magic lies at the heart of these deeds and covers the Necromancer’s tracks.

“… a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and fantasy.”
– Dan Patterson, author

Calec of the Woods is called upon for aid. And Serileen, Calec’s witch lover, must accompany him while harboring a dark secret of her own.

The closer Calec comes to the Necromancer, the faster he must solve this mystery or he and Serileen will become the Necromancer’s next victims.