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Knights, Witches, and the Missing

The children of Hillsvale are disappearing.

Over three decades ago the first child was lost and could not be found. Now, in the past year, twenty children have gone missing.

There are no traces left behind by these children and no clues. The locals claim the old wood spirit is stealing their children, but no one has ever seen this ghost or been able to track it. Most believe it is legend.

“… a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and fantasy.”
– Dan Patterson, author

Calec of the Woods is summoned to assist the people of Hillsvale. Along with Serileen, Calec must uncover who or what is behind the abductions. And with magic returning to the world with the reemergence of the ancient sky sea, anything is possible.

Neither Calec nor Serileen could imagine what terrors stalk this land and them or what they will have to face with the people of Hillsvale to unravel all of the village’s ancient secrets.