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Knights, Witches, and the Vanished City

Bronze Medal Award Winner (for series) – all of Epic Fantasy 2022 – Readers’ Favorite

The ancient city of Valtera has vanished without a trace.

At least that is what outsiders believe. But an unspeakable event and a curse dating back a century still haunts the city and its people. A curse such as this has not been encountered before, and the dwindling population of Valtera has grown desperate.

Now the people of the city are being killed. Similar victims were mentioned in Valtera’s history, and the dead only have one thing in common. They all carry the curse mark—a burn spiraling around their arms.

“… a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and fantasy.”
– Dan Patterson, author

Meanwhile, Calec of the Woods hunts for the murderer of Serileen’s mother, but on his venture, he is abducted and tempted. Tempted so deeply that he becomes haunted by a face, a name, and the imploring eyes of a woman.

Calec must seek out the vanished city, its rich history and secrets, its curse, and its victims. And he must come to realize that whatever lies behind this curse has become fixated on him, or he will be the next to die.