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Through Fire and Shadow

Kingdoms burn. Heroes soar.

At the decimated outpost of Nevergrace, Cyran Orendain and his companions stand watch. They await the full onslaught of Murgare’s retaliation. But one has turned against them and another village has been ravaged by whatever lurks in the woods.

With the young lady of the Never by her side, Cyran’s sister Jaslin arrives at the king’s city of Galvenstone to answer a summons. She will find the answers to the queen’s murder and the darkness lurking beneath the streets, no matter what—or who—stands in her way.

The best epic fantasy I’ve read in a decade.”
– Dan Patterson, author

Meanwhile, Pravon the dragon thief follows the dragon assassin across the lands of Cimeren, hunting down emissaries who seek to bring peace to the kingdoms. For only one path can stop the coming war, and they will ensure this path is never found.

As the Dragon Queen returns from the Evenmeres, only those at Nevergrace sense the coming danger. The danger that stalks the far side of the Lake on Fire. But another threat prowls within the forest.

The growing shadows will consume all of the kingdoms and cover the lands in blood and dragon fire.