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The Unmasked Everblade

The galaxy has fallen into chaos. The fight for the Crown of Dreams and control has just begun.

The mystery of the beating sun has been solved. Adersiun, the galaxy’s Phantom and leader of the Everblades, forces his way into the Northrite’s council in hopes of learning their methods of rule, but his acceptance is not without cost. Rynn, now the galaxy’s second Phantom, receives a strange Whisper about how to stop the Ruin that is now steaming through the galaxy, destroying everything in its path. And she is to blame for its new course. Rynn’s trail leads her to Staggenmoire, where Cirx is also seeking the legendary fiend with the ability to give immortality in return for a sacrifice. But a mad First Mate guides Cirx across the Eventide and under the Sky Sea.


“[T]he most compelling amalgamation of Science Fiction and classic Fantasy storytelling since we were first introduced to that famous Galaxy Far, Far Away.”
– Jason McCuiston, author of The Last Star Warden

Nyranna and Elion have gained control of the Northrite’s palace on Grendermane, but spies and assassins are being sent in retaliation and Nyranna doesn’t know how long she can maintain control. Elion must uncover why someone framed him for a string of murders, and his journey leads him to Angelwia and its inhabitants who stir up memories of his past and his family.

And Seeva must find her resolve and come to understand the mysteries of Climice in order to save the animals she’s risked everything to protect before all of the six come colliding into each other, each with different objectives and plans for the galaxy.

The fate of all will depend on these six people.