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The Three Deaths of Jeyne Reddermach


The city by the sea is no longer safe.

And I’ve discovered attempts on my life, possibly involving the doctor I work with, my lost husband’s brother, or a man I had an affair with after my true love was lost to the sea.

“A windy road rutted with shocks and surprises. Brilliantly executed.”
– J.L. Lux, author of The Fall of Dalmorall

Also, there are the vorvolakas—mysterious creatures that plague our city and rove the streets at night knocking on doors, calling out the names of residents in hopes of turning people into their own kind.

My name is Jeyne Reddermach, and my life has been defined by tragic accidents.

Everything I hold dear is turned upside down, and on my hunt for victory and peace, I struggle to find love, find the truth, and bring justice and freedom to the new world before I succumb to its temptations.