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Science Fiction, Fantasy, Space Opera

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Six diverse individuals seek to curtail the rise of the masked Northrite council, or the Northrite will control all life in the galaxy.

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In a galaxy at the edge of imagination.

Six diverse characters share a strange dream: a figure composed only of shadow holding a pulsing red sun in its palm.

Ruled by six masked councilmembers, the Northrite corporation exploits the powers of Elemiscists—those with magical abilities—and keep them as indentured servants. When a nearby sun turns bloodred and begins pulsing, people flee their homes and the millennia-old government crumbles.

Together, a military recruit, a sheltered woman, a cunning slave, an environmental activist, a morbid bounty hunter, and a medieval knight hope to understand their shared vision. They fight for survival and against all odds struggle to curtail the rise of the Northrite corporation.

The fate of the galaxy will depend on these six people.

The Forgotten Sky is perfect for fans of Sci Fi Fantasy like Star Wars and Dune, and fantasies like A Game of Thrones and The Fifth Season. R.M. Schultz is a #1 best-selling Sci Fi and Fantasy author and has published over a half dozen best-selling novels.

What Readers and other Authors are saying:

“A definite contender for 2021’s best SF novel … shines in every single sentence—a true must-read.”

—Philip G Athans, New York Times best-selling Sci Fi and Fantasy author

“R.M. Schultz is a master storyteller, and his effects are spectacular … The Forgotten Sky … is a gorgeous treat not only for fans of science fiction but for any reader who adores superior storytelling.”

—Readers’ Favorite

“… compares favorably to … Dune, and Schultz’s impressive worldbuilding skills are apparent …”

—Kirkus Reviews

“[T]he most compelling amalgamation of Science Fiction and classic Fantasy storytelling since we were first introduced to that famous Galaxy Far, Far Away … The comparisons to Herbert’s Dune and Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire are well-earned … R.M. Schultz has truly created an epic in every sense of the word.”

—Jason McCuiston, author of The Last Star Warden
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